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Apr 7, 2010 6:30pm EDT
>>> tonight on "world news," silence and hope. fumes pour out of the mine in west virginia. no sound of the four miners still missing, and we have team coverage again tonight. and we talk to the man supervising the rescue. >>> battle lines. virginia's governor wants to celebrate confederate history, and not mention slavery? >>> fog of war. you be the judge. a video has millimeters and millions of people debating, is this combat or reckless killing? >>> and, american heart. one little girl plays and plays to give others more life. >>> good evening. in west virginia tonight, one hole has been drilled through the wall blocking the route to the four missing miners. but when the rescuers broke through, gases so toxic and dangerous poured out, the team was nearly overcome, and had to stop. nearby, the families of the missing still stand sentry, their hopes firing up the determination of fellow miners to get through whatever they find on the other side. and david muir is on that scene tonight with the very latest for us. david? >> reporter: diane, as you know, they have been able
Apr 6, 2010 6:30pm EDT
>>> toni >>> tonight we are live to report on the tragedy in west virginia. where there's a race against time to reach four miners who may be still trapped at the end of a 6,000 foot shaft into the mountain. anyou'll hear from miners who made it out and survived the expressie explosi explosion. >>> we drive across the mountains as a community grieves. and you'll meet a woman who lost her husband, two nephews, while her son barely escaped. >> we love him so much. >> brian ross investigates allegations of repeated safety violations by the company managing the mine. and we put tough questions to the chief executive. as tonight, we report on the miners who are in mourning, holding on and questioning what happened to those they love. >>> good evening from west virginia. we are live tonight because just down the road from here is the site of the worst mine disaster in this country in 26 years. and all night long we have been talking to the people in these hills. and thy are reeling from the impact of this tragedy. so far, what we know. 25 are dead. two are hospitalized, four are missin
Apr 12, 2010 6:30pm EDT
together again. jim sciutto abc news. >>> one week after the mine disaster in west virginia, people stopped what they were doing for a moment of silence today to mark the exact hour of the explosion. ceremonies on the floor of the u.s. senate and in the state capital of charleston. and even at that moment, investigators were arriving with new questions about the company run by a powerful lightning rod in the state. david kerly has our report. >> reporter: the bodies of nine miners still lie in the upper big branch mine -- with federal investigators arriving, waiting to enter the mine. and word tonight that the u.s. attorney here says he will vigorously prosecute any criminal act that may have led to the explosion. officials will want to talk to this man, the ceo of massey energy, the owner of the mine -- don blankenship, who talked about his philosophy in a documentary. >> in the united states, you have a capitalist society, and that capitalism from a business viewpoint is survival of the most productive. >> reporter: but many complain that for blankenship, production trumps safety. >> the
Apr 5, 2010 6:30pm EDT
>>> to >>> tonight on world news, breaking news. there has been a mine explosion in west virginia, many are dead and missing. >>> maximum penalty, the government fines toyota for hiding safety defects. >>> earthquake in southern california. does this mean the next big one is coming? >>> and tiger returns. tiger woods at the masters talking about drugs, injuries and the reaction of the crowds. >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, we begin with breaking news. a mine disaster in west virginia. at least half a dozen miners confirmed dead. many more are missing. david muir has been taking in all the lateers reports. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the west virginia state police. they confirm the explosion happened at the massey energy upper big branch mine. that is south of charleston. here are the numbers as they're coming into the associated press. x miners killed. 21 unaccounted for. just within the last couple of days, the top federal agency that looks into the mine safety in this country said more needed to be done since sago. the high tech equipment that w
Apr 8, 2010 6:30pm EDT
week about what went wrong in that west virginia coal mine. while in west virginia, more than 30 rescuers battling toxic gases, still trying to reach the four missing miners listed as missing. it has been a rough day all around, and david muir is on the scene there again for us tonight. david? >> reporter: diane, as you know, from being here earlier this week, the goal from the very beginning has been to get rescue crews back into the mine. this morning, before sunrise came word they were in. the air less lethal inside that mine. but they were not expecting what came next. so many families here in coal country, holding vigil. the hugs, the tears, an extraordinary roll earl coaster that continued at 4:55 this morning, when finally, the rescuers were told the air was safe enough to go in to find their lost brothers. four teams of eight, in rail cars, carrying 30 pounds of breathing equipment, and then by foot on that five-mile trek to that refuge chamber. and then, the explosion i mix of gases had returned. four hours in, the 32 rescuers were told to turn around to get out. >> you
Apr 9, 2010 6:30pm EDT
to the mine in west virginia, where families are caught between hope for a miracle and the heartbreak of knowing time is running out. all day, the incredibly brave rescue teams battled for the missing, as the funeral music began to play for the others who died. and david muir, who has been there since the very first day on this story, reports again tonight. david? >> reporter: diane, at this hour, rescuers are inside that mine, and as you know, they have already tried to get to that refuge chamber three times. this could be their last real chance. because with so much talk of that 96-hour supply of oxygen, we are now past that here tonight. an anguishing ride for the families waiting inside this building, inside the gates of the mine, holding vigil there since monday now. early this morning, rescue teams almost to that rescue chamber, but an unexpected find. smoke, a fire still burning, a full four days after the explosion. they ordered the rescuers out, and then broke the news to the families. >> we got to do what we think is right, and unfortunately, in this case, it may not be gett
Apr 14, 2010 6:30pm EDT
virginia's governor issued a sweeping order today in the wake of last week's explosion that killed 29 miners. governor joe manchin is ordering the immediate inspection of over 200 coal mines to check for combustion risk, telling inspectors to evacuate or close mines with violations. >>> and, next, the meat on american tables. an alarming new report finds dangerous levels of chemicals inspite of u.s. inspections. so, ron claiborne went right to the top to find out what's gone wrong. >> reporter: it's a frightening picture. beef containing pest sides, antibiotics, even heavy metals, making its way into the nation's supermarkets. according to the audit, cattle inspectors were unable to determine if meat has unacceptable levels of to tebl s potentially hazardous sub stances. >> i always assumed that inspections were being done. this report undercuts that confidence. >> reporter: back in 2008, when inspectors found troubling beef, they did nothing. >> the thing that was most alarming is that there was no real effort to recall the failed supply. >> reporter: also startling, the revelation t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)